2023 Tesla Model S Price: Here comes the new Model S version with more exciting features

Today, in the post I bring the detailed review and price of the 2023 Tesla Model S. Tesla needs no introduction when it comes to EVs and is the leading brand.

Currently, Tesla has 4 top models under the hood, namely, Tesla Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3. Out of these 4 top models, Tesla Model S is the first Sedan of the company launched first in the year 2012.

Tesla EVs are known best for their performance, safety, and high-end technologies. And the Model S has evolved much since its first appearance in the year 2012.

Not to forget, Tesla Model S is the first-ever EV to be mass-produced.

When it comes to new EV launches, the first thing people become curious about is its price and MSRP. So, let us first start with the 2023 Tesla Model S Price and MSRP in the next section.

2023 Tesla Model S price (MSRP)

Tesla has increased the prices of its all models aggressively in recent years. And, it is expected that the company will price the 2023 Model S exceeding the six-figure marks.

And, it goes without saying that the 2023 Tesla Model S will have a starting price of $1,00,000.

But some sources have predicted it to be around $95,000. So, let’s wait and watch. Everything is possible in love, war, and with Tesla. HAHAHA!

If you want to add on some features and enhanced range, you will need to drain your pocket with an extra $30,000 to $35,000. Or maybe even more than this.

Is the 2023 Tesla Model S price justified?

We can not come to any conclusion so early. The car is still not released and is expected to launch soon by late 2022 or by 2023.

The price is of course expensive but not to forget Tesla Model S is a luxury sedan and has to maintain the driver’s expectations.

Seeing the tough competition from its rivals including  Audi, BMW, and Jaguar, Tesla Model S will try to justify its price by adding more features via over-the-air updates to stand strong in the competition.

If someone thinking of a price drop in the expected 2023 Tesla Model S, there is nearly zero chance, seeing Tesla’s frequent price hikes across its entire models in recent years.

2023 Tesla Model S features (Base Model & Plaid)

1Estimated Range of 405 miles
2 0-60 mph acceleration in less than 3 secs
3Multiple electric motors
4All wheel drive
519-inch wheel size
6All-glass roof
7Huge 17-inch touchscreen
8Tinted glass roof
9Adaptive air suspension
1022-speaker sound system
11Wi-Fi hotspot
12Foglights and LED headlights
13Satellite Radio
14Yolk steering style
15Parking sensors(Front and rear)
16Blind-spot monitor

The new 2023 Tesla Model S is yet to be launched and the features listed above may not be accurate. When it arrives, we will update this section.

The information above is listed based on the data we have gathered from different sources.

Not to forget, the Tesla Models come with a feature that is popularly known as Autopilot. The new Tesla Model 2023 model will have this feature too.

And, here are some advantages you get with the 2023 Tesla Model S Autopilot feature:

  1. Like the other Tesla Models, the 2023 Tesla Model S has front and rear parking sensors. This feature is very useful when it comes to parking a car where obstacles behind and in front of you are not easily visible
  2. The “Blind-spot monitor” safety feature of the Tesla Model S alerts drivers if the car in the next lane is in your blind spot
  3. The drivers of the Tesla Model S will also get a warning through a feature called “Lane departure warning”. This warning alerts you if the car starts to drift out of its lane
  4. Another useful feature of Tesla Model S autopilot called the “Lane keeping system” will assist you with minor steering corrections to keep you driving in the lane
  5. There is another mind-blowing feature you get with Tesla Model S autopilot called “Adaptive cruise control”. This helps your Tesla car keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. The good thing is that you are free to set this distance on Tesla Model S
  6. The “Forward collision mitigation” feature of the Tesla Model S helps applies the brakes in definite and adverse conditions

2023 Tesla Model S range, performance, and design (Table)


The main concern of any EV is its Range which depends on how powerful is the battery. Yes, the new Model S will have an increased range but not much is expected.

The 2023 Tesla Model S is expected to have an estimated range of around 350 to 400 miles but it again depends on the size of the wheel, battery, and many other factors.

As per one recent real-time range Test conducted by Edmunds, it was found that the 2021 Model S can cover up to 345 miles on a full charge, the longest distance observed by them.

The EPA of the Tesla Model S is up to 396 miles on 19-inch wheels and 348 miles on 21-inch wheels size.


When it comes to performance, the new Tesla Model S sedan is all set to blow your mind. Especially, the thurst from the tri-motor is really strong and makes the car accelerate much faster.

Compared to all other EVs currently, the power of acceleration of the Tesla Model S is out of the world. The Model S can fire from 0 to 60 mph in as low as just 2.3 seconds. This is insane.

When the Tesla Model S is put on a real performance Test by Edmunds, they found that this Tesla new Model sedan surpasses all their previous speed test with Tesla Model S.

The older version of the Tesla Model S reached this speed in 2.9 seconds which is more than this new record of 2.3 sec.

They also Tested with Lamborghini Huracan Evo and found that this car can hit this speed in 2.8 secs. Again, more than the Tesla Model S speed test of 2.3 secs.


When it comes to interior design, the Model S has a quite similar interior exist in Tesla Model X, the company’s largest SUV.

Not only the interior, even the tech, and electric components are very similar to Tesla Model X

The interior is quite decent and spacious. Compared to its rival, the Porsche Taycan, the interior space is enough.

The all-glass roof design looks very attractive and adds extra charm to the overall look of the new Tesla Model S. Not just for the sake of design, the all-glass roof adds lots of headroom.

But at this price point, Tesla needs to work more on its interior when it comes to luxury compared to other luxury brands.

When you will enter the Tesla Model S, the huge touchscreen will grab your attention. And the 17-inch touchscreen is larger than the previous Model S.

This large touchscreen in the mid makes it easy to navigate and do other stuff.

Also, the controversial aircraft-style steering yoke may look appealing and stylish but many find it a little irritating.

And, if you are a traditional car steering user, you may feel a little difficulty driving and getting used to this unique yoke steering of the Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S FAQs

How much will the 2023 Tesla Model S be?

The price of the 2023 Tesla Model S is still a mystery and is expected to be around $95,000. Higher Model S with add-ons is expected to cross the six-figure marks

When the 2023 Tesla Model S will be launched?

It is expected that the new 2023 Tesla Model S will arrive by the start of 2023. But some sources predict that the New Model S may arrive by end of the year 2022

Will the price of the Tesla Model S go down in 2023?

The Tesla company is known to increase the prices of entire models so frequently. So, there is a good chance that the 2023 Tesla Models will not fall down but rather increase. But seeing the competition in the EV market, the prices may come down to stay ahead of the competition.

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