3 Best 40 MPH electric scooters 2024 (From $1000 to $2000)

Are you looking for a quick list of 40 MPH electric scooters? Let me walk you through the list without letting you confused in the flood of many options.

The sale of electric scooters is picking up. It has become so common that you will find an electric scooter in every corner of the city. From streets to college campus, electric scooter is people’s first choice nowadays.

If you are reading this article it means you want to explore more about electric scooters and that too with a max speed of 40 MPH.

So without further ado, let me bring you the list

3 Best 40 MPH electric scooters from $1000 to around $2000

1. 40 mph electric scooter by Speedway 5

best 40 mph electric scooter by Speedway 5

And the list starts from a Speedway brand. The model Speedway 5 denotes the 5 years anniversary of the company.


This 40 mph electric scooter is powered by 3,600-watt max dual BLDC motors and comes with a decent range of 75 miles.

Battery and charging time:

Not to forget the speedway 5 contains a 23.4Ah battery which is the best in the category. Also if you want to charge this scooter, it gets fully charged in 13 hours with a standard charger.

But you can reduce the charging time by using  2 standard chargers which will charge it in 7 hours. And, if you are still in hurry, you can charge it in as low as 4 hours with a quick charger.


It is also important to know how much your electric scooter weighs and the max load it can handle. Talking about Speedway 5, the electric scooter weighs 70 lbs and can carry a max load of 70 lbs.

Other features:

  1. Front and rear dual air spring suspension
  2. Wide tubeless tires
  3. LED Logo mood lighting.


As per the Speedway official website, Speedway 5 is available at a 10 percent discount at the time of writing this article. With this discount, you can get this scooter at $2,100

Brand NameSpeedway
Model Speedway 5
Max Speed40 mph
Range75 miles
Motor3,600-watt BLDC dual hub
Battery 23.4 Ah
Max Load265 lbs
Weight70 lbs

2. 40 mph DUALTRON EAGLE electric scooter

40 mph DUALTRON EAGLE electric scooter

Dualtron Electric Scooters is another big name in the electric mobility industry. And this 40 mph DUALTRON EAGLE is the latest model by the company.

This is the company’s limited production model and is available to buy till supplies last.


The Dualtron Eagle is also powered by 3,300-watt BLDC hub motors and comes with a folding handlebar feature.

Battery and charging time:

Like all other electric scooters, the model charging time depends on the type of chargers being used.

For example, if you are using a standard charger, the Dualtron Eagle gets fully charged in 12 hours.

And if you planning to use 2 standard chargers you can reduce charging to 6 hours.

And the best part is that you can charge this electric scooter in just 3 hours with a quick charger.


Let’s talk about the weight aspect of this model. The maximum load this scooter can bear is around 265 lbs and the weight it has is 66 lbs.

Other features:

  • Climbing Grade of 75% as per the weight of the rider
  • The frame is made of 6082-T6 aluminum alloy
  • The shaft is SCM440 steel
  • Dual Regenerative Disc Brake (Front and Rear)


With all these amazing features and specs, DUALTRON EAGLE PRO is priced at around $$2,290.

But compared to the first electric scooter on the list this is a bit costly compared to the given features.

Max Speed40 mph
Range45 miles
MotorDual 60V 1000W
Battery 60V 24.5Ah Li-ion battery
Max Load265 lbs
Weight65 lbs

3. Mantis Pro V2 40 mph

Last but not least, the 3rd 40 mph electric scooter on the list is called Mantis Pro V2.

The electric scooter has an amazing range on a single charge and is a scooter for everyone.

With all the necessary features intact, the electric scooter is priced well around $2000.


Let’s talk about the power of the motor Mantis Pro V2 has. It has a dual 60V 1000W motor with nominal power of  2,000W and peak power of 3,000W.

Battery and charging time:

Mantis Pro V2 contains a powerful 60V 24.5Ah LG battery that enables you to move 45 miles per charge.

With a standard charger, you can charge it in 13 to 16 hours. But using a fast charger can charges it by reducing the charge time by up to 70%.


Mantis Pro V2 has a total weight of 65 lbs and is the lightest scooter on the list. Also, this model has a max load of 265 lbs which is standard in the category.

Other features:

  • It can go 0-15 mph in 2.0 s and 0-25 mph in 4.1 s
  • Multiple driving modes
  • Full hydraulic braking
  • 40 mph top speed
  • EY3 Minimotors display


Mantis Pro V2 electric scooter comes at a price of $2,299 and is on discount at the time of writing this article.

Brand NameKaabo
Model Mantis Pro V2
Max Speed40 mph
Range50 miles
Motor3,300-watt BLDC
Battery 22.4 Ah
Max Load265 lbs
Weight66 lbs

The cheapest 40 MPH electric scooters under $2000

The cheapest 40 MPH electric scooters

Now it’s time to reveal the cheapest 40 mph electric scooter available. It is very difficult to find the cheapest in the flood of options in the market.

Cheap with all the necessary features intact is what makes an electric scooter the cheapest in the real sense.

Never mind, I have done the hard work for you. And, the cheapest 40 mph electric scooter that I have for you is Mantis V2.

Actually, Mantis V2 is the base version of Mantis Pro V2 listed above. The electric scooter is priced well under $2000 and has a max speed of 40 mph.

Most electric scooter with 40 mph max speed is priced above $2000 but this comes under this price point.

Mantis V2 comes at $1,799 with all the important features. But with a lower price comes a few lower features.

This 40 MPH Mantis electric scooter has a range of 33 miles and has Dual 60V 1000W motor. This model has a powerful 60V 18.2Ah battery that can let you go 33 miles on a single charge.

Also, this electric scooter weighs around 65 lbs and can carry a max load of 65 lbs.

With all these important features this 40 mph electric scooter by Kaabo is available for under $2000 which is an amazing deal.

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