5 Best Electric bike companies you must know in 2024

Hello Guys! I am back with another mind-blowing topic on the 5 best electric bike companies and brands you should know.

Why it is even important to know?

Many a time, it happens that you know what you need but don’t know what can best satisfy your need. And, the same thing happens when you plan to buy an electric bike and get lost in the flood of many options.

And, it is even more difficult for someone who is entirely new to the ebike world.

Are you the one? Never mind!

This is why I planned to bring you the best 5 electric bike companies best known to produce high-demanding and top-class products.

I can understand your pain, so forget about it for a while and just concentrate on the list of best electric bike companies I have for you.

So, here you go!!

5 Best Electric bike companies and brands to checkout now

1. Rad Power Bikes: Best Electric bike company in USA

No electric bike list is complete without having Rad Power Bikes on it. Yes, you heard it right. Rad Power Bikes are known to produce top-notch ebikes in the majority of electric bike categories.

The ebike company is situated in Seattle, Washington, United States, and was founded in 2007 by Mike Radenbaugh. Since then, he never looked back and teamed up with his roommate Ty Collins in the year 2015.

Rad Power Bikes founders
Source: Rad Power Bikes official website

Do you know the first ebike model launched by Rad Power Bikes?

It was the RadRover, their very first ebike model.

Top 3 best-selling electric bikes by Rad Power Bikes:

1. RadRunner 1 Electric Utility Bike

Image credit: Rad Power Bikes official website

Radrunner by Rad Bikes is one of the most popular ebikes of the company. This very product has received a high demand in the USA and is widely sold.

As per their official website, I could see a whopping 4.7 ratings out of 2461 customer reviews at the time of writing this article.

The number speaks more than the promises. The very product comes in two color variants, namely, black and forest green.

2. RadRover 5 Electric Fat Bike

Best electric bike brand (Rad Power ebike)
Image credit: Rad Power Bikes official website

Here is another beast by the Rad Power Bikes called RadRover 5 Fat Bike. This ebike cost you anywhere under 2000 dollar and is the best value for money.

Powered by a 750W motor the ebike runs on a 48V 14AH lithium battery with a total payload of 275lb.

A fantastic piece by the ebike company. If you are a fat ebike lover, you must include this ebike in your wish list.

3. RadCity Step-Thru 3

Image credit: Rad Power Bikes official website

Here I bring you the third most popular ebike by Rad Power Bikes and this one is called RadCity Step-Thru 3.

This too has a powerful 750W motor and runs on a 48v lithium battery giving you a mileage of 45 plus miles per charge.

The Rad Power Bikes brand operates in many segments including off-road, fat ebikes, city, folding, cargo, and many more.

Not just ebikes but this ebike company also sells electric bike accessories like batteries, brakes, chargers, locks, lights, seats, tires, etc.

Rad Power Bikes is one the largest electric bike company in North America and also got listed in the inaugural list of the TIME100 Most Influential Companies. Curious to know more about EVs? Here is a complete EV guide.

2. Aventon

Aventon is another popular electric bike company located in the USA. And, its headquarter is located in Ontario, California.

Since its inception in 2012, the ebike company has produced some of the best high-performing bicycles. The ebike company was founded by JW Zhang who stepped into the ebike market in the year 2018.

You can say, the Aventon is now completely an electric bike company and solely target the ebike segment.

Let me list down some of the company’s best-selling electric bikes for you.

1. PACE 500

Image Source: Aventon official website

The Pace 500 by Aventon is one of their best-selling electric bikes recognized by multiple media and has already delighted a huge customer base.

The reason for its popularity is its features and the value for money. The ebike comes with a powerful 750W hub motor with a whopping max speed of 28MPH.

With a Removable Lithium-ion 48V, 11.6Ah battery the ebike can cover a range of 25-40 Miles on Average. With many more amazing features, the ebike has charmed customers with its reasonable pricing and you can expect it to get under $1600.


Image Source: Aventon official website

Aventure is another mind-blowing ebike by Aventon. Aventure means Adventure! This is from the fat tire ebike segment that is already blowing the minds of riders with its amazing features.

With a 750W motor and 48V 15Ah battery, this ebike by the company can safely cover up to 45 miles. The 4″ fat tires are a good fit for a comfortable and steady ride. The ebike is priced well at around $2000 and comes in three color variants.

With a strong 3F vision, Form, Freedom, and Function, the Aventon is all set to honor riders with a satisfactory electric ride.

Currently, the company also works in ebike accessories and sell products in a wide range of categories including chargers, bells, helmet, bags, spokes, and many such categories.

3. Lectric eBikes

With an amazing startup story, the Lectric ebikes is one of the country’s best electric bike companies located in Phoenix, United States.

The company was founded by two friends, Levi and Robb, with a vision to disrupt the ebike industry with ease, comfort, budget-friendliness, and high-quality electric bikes.

The best part with the company is that it was purely marketed by people by word of mouth. This shows that how deeply the ebike company is rooted in the hearts of the riders.

Having said that, let me show you the two best-selling models of the Lectric brand.

1. XP 2.0 Black

Image credit: Lectric ebikes official website

This is the company’s pride ebike that is always in demand and a favorite among ebike lovers. The rise in popularity is because of its budget-friendly price loaded with advanced features.

This is a fat tire foldable ebike powered with a powerful 500w motor, 48v battery and covers up to 45 miles with a total of 4-6 hours of charge time. On top of this, the ebike just comes around/under $1000. Well done!

2. XP Step-Thru 2.0

Image credit: Lectric ebikes official website

XP Step-Thru 2.0 by Lectric ebike is a gem in the ebike market. This beautiful-looking ebike is packed with loads of features and another supermodel by the company.

This too is a fat tire foldable ebike with superior design and stunning colors. With 5 pedal assist level, the ebike is equipped with a 500w motor and 48v 9.6ah battery. And yes, this too is very budget-friendly and you can get one for around $1000. Ride with a class!!

The Lectro electric bike company has won several awards for its high-quality products and received the electric bike review Top Choice Award for “Best Folding Electric Fat Tire Bike of 2020.” Congrats team!!

4. Ancheer

You can not expect a budget ebike list complete without the Ancheer brand on it. Yes, Ancheer is everywhere and if you go to Amazon.com, you will end up seeing Ancheer ebikes in the economical price category, particularly under $500 and $1000.

It is very difficult to pick the two best models by Ancheer because every ebikes looks high on demand. But still, I have picked two best-selling models by the Ancheer electric bike company.

1. ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike

Electric Bicycle, Sailnovo 14'' Electric Bike

ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike is exploding the sells and it looks like every ebike lover loves to keep this particular model.

This budget-friendly ebike has so many amazing features to talk about which I have already talked about in my previous article on the best ebike under $500 (Must read for you). This runs on a 500W powerful motor with a max speed of max speed up to 20MPH powered by a 48V 7.5Ah lithium battery.

2. ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike 27.5

Best electric company (Ancheer)

Here comes another all-time high on demand Ancheer brand ebike for the $1000 price segment. The price is a total justification if you see its features and market response which I have already talked about in my previous article on best ebike under $1000. (Must read for you).

5. KBO

With the right approach and seeing the increased demand of Ebike industries, Kobo, the USA-based electric bike company stepped into the ebike industry to provide riders with safe, environment-friendly, and affordable transportation.

The KOBO breeze is the pride of the company and proudly helping millions of riders with budget-friendly transportation. A ride that comes with pride and that too with a “2-year” warranty.

What else one would expect from an ebike at this economical price range.

Here is Kobo’s best model:

KBO Breeze

Image credit: KBO official website

KBO Breeze is on the way to revolutionize the ebike industry with all the basic and advanced features bundled together at a very affordable price.

This model has already got a lot of attention and got featured in many media sources adding charm to the KBO brand.

The KBO breeze comes in two colors, black, and orange, and is available currently in the USA and Canada. This comes with a 750W motor and 768Wh Samsung battery and can cover up to a range of 55+ miles.

All this in just $1500. Maybe this is the reason why this particular model has seen an increased demand most of the time.

Final thought on best electric bike companies

There are many more electric bike companies that are doing wonders and still very eligible to get a place on the best electric bike companies. I will bring you another list of ebike companies, this time more and in-depth analysis.

The ebike industry is high in demand, particularly after the outbreak of the deadly “C” virus, the demand is touching the sky.

Seeing, the rise in demand more players will enter the ebike industry and will fight to secure a place on the list of best electric bike companies.

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