RadRunner 2 vs RadRunner Plus: RadRunner 2 Review

Another post, another e-bike, and this time with RadRunner 2 vs RadRunner Plus and the new RadRunner 2 electric bike review. If you are looking for something fresh in an electric bike then RadRunner 2 by Rad Bikes is worth considering.

The particular Rad Power Bike model is a new launch by the company for 2022. And, this is why we thought to help someone looking to own this bike with our review.

Rad Power Bike is one of the United States’ most trusted brands. With trust comes responsibility which in turn creates demands for a new product launch on autopilot mode.

Enough talking, let us get started with a detailed review of the new RadRunner 2 by Rad Power Bikes. Later, we will see how it is different from the older version called “RadRunner Plus”.

RadRunner 2 vs RadRunner Plus
Image credit: Rad Power Bikes

How is RadRunner 2 electric bike: First Impression

RadRunner 2 is another high-performing e-bike by “Rad Power Bikes” with a powerful motor, battery, and range. The company is known to produce top-notch products with improved performance with every new launch.

Further investigating, we have found that the new bike is launched with not much bigger upgradation. Of course, this model is a great electric bike with some adjustments in design which is marketed as a moped-style e-bike.

If you compare it with the older version (RadRunner Plus), you will find the technical specification like battery and motor power are the same.

Also, there is no significant difference in the design and style except color options, seat, etc.

As shown on the official website, the new RadRunner 2 is available in only white color whereas the old RadRunner Plus is available in black and forest green.

RadRunner 2 is priced lower than the old RadRunner. Obviously, we understand, a higher price means added performance and extra components.

Like, as shown on the official website, RadRunner 2 is missing the display mount and the older version has it.

RadRunner 2 review and technical specification

The RadRunner 2 is the first moped-style electric bike by the Rad Power Bikes. As described on their website, the Rad Model can be customized with more than 330 accessory combinations.

We think it can also be done with the older version with more or fewer combinations. (Maybe they are trying to look different stating this. Not a big deal)

Till now, we have discussed everything in comparison. So, let us look at what all features this particular model has to offer individually at the given price point.

Towards the end of the article, we will put a comparison table for features to get a clear picture.

Have a look at the technical specification of the RadRunner 2 E-bike.

RadRunner 2 technical specification

BrandRad Power Bikes
Battery48V, 14 Ah
(Lithium Battery)
ThrottleHalf twist
grip throttle
Charger48V, 2 Amp
4 level pedal assist
Ebike Weight65 lb
Load capacity300 lb
Mileage25-45+ miles
Rider Height Range4’11” – 6’2″
Frame6061 aluminum
LightsFront & Rear

Reviews of the RadRunner 2 features

  • RadRunner 2 is a class 2 electric bike with a powerful 750W motor powered by a 48V, 14 Ah battery that can take you up to 45 plus miles per charge. Not to forget the half twist-grip throttle the e-bike has.
  • Another best part is that the bike has a broad saddle with extra padding for added comfort while riding.
  • The strong rear rack can be used for different purposes including carrying passengers, important stuff, or can be used as a child seat. The front rack is also highly customizable.
  • The extra fat tires and design of the bike add extra stability to your ride with a total payload of 300lbs
  • Also, another unique thing this e-bike has is the power cable fixed on the right side between disk brake and the frame of the ebike than the left. This adds an extra layer of protection to the power cable by not letting it be exposed.
  • The height of the seat has an extra length that you can adjust according to your height and requirements. This is another great advantage of this Rad electric bike with a 4’11” – 6’2″ height range
  • The brand has maintained the legacy by proving a decent battery with a 48V, 2 Amp charger.
  • The model is highly customizable with more than 330 accessory combinations. You can customize your bike front and rear rack, seat, wheel guards, rear footpegs, etc.
  • The fat tires of the bike are not just for stability but also come with a puncture-resistance feature which adds extra safety to your bike.
  • You also get an integrated brake light that is powered by the bike battery and gets activated when you apply the brakes.


  • Powerful 750W motor and battery
  • Upgraded wide seat and height
  • Highly customizable
  • Fairly priced


  • Front suspension fork is not there
  • Ebike stand is very close to the chain

Our rating:

RadRunner2 vs RadRunner Plus (Comparision table)

RadRunner 2
RadRunner Plus electric utility bike
RadRuuner Plus
FeaturesRadRunner 2 RadRunner Plus
Motor 750W750W
Battery48V, 14 Ah48V, 14 Ah
SaddleMoped style
with extra padding
Pedal-assist  4 level5 level 
FendersNAFull coverage
GearingSingle-speed, 16–521 x 7-speed
Range45+ miles45+ miles

As you can see in the above comparison table, the important and basic features like battery, motor, and range are the same. The differences are in the bike components and the prices.

With extra price comes extra features, so as a takeaway both the models are fairly priced given the features and components.

Also, the RadRunner 2 is cheaper than the Roadrunner Plus and they both are high-performing electric bikes in their ways.

Also, there is no digital display available in the RadRunner 2. RadRunner plus comes with a digital display that can measure battery life, pedal assist level, USB charging, etc.

If you compare the prices of these two models, the RadRuuner 2 comes at the cheaper price of $1499. Whereas, RadRunner Plus is available at $1899 with extra components and features.

Final Thought

As we have already mentioned earlier, with a higher price comes enhanced features. So, if you want to have a budget-friendly electric bike for the daily commute, off-road, or any other purpose, the new RadRunner 2 is worth trying.

We will give a whopping 4.5 rating out of 5 based on the price, features, and brand value.

I hope you must have gotten some useful insights on RadRunner 2 electric bike by Rad Power Bikes.

Please note that the review shared on this page is conducted based on the data we have gathered from different online and offline sources. Your purchase decision must be influenced by your current needs and budget. These reviews shared on this page are just for your reference.

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