Tesla Model Q (Model 2): Price, launch date, features

Another day, another post. This time on Tesla Model 2 or Model Q price, design, features, launch date, and more

Tesla needs no special introduction and is the world’s biggest EV maker. The rise in EV sales is clearly visible, particularly after the outbreak of the recent pandemic.

It is not just different reports that say EV sales have grown but we can clearly sense ourselves looking at the increase of EVs on the road.

The manufacturing cost of EVs is not so budget friendly and this is why EVs are costly compared to gas cars. Tesla has the top 4 Models and all of them are not everyone’s cup of coffee.

EV makers are continuously making efforts to bring down the prices of electric vehicles. Some have already launched cheap EVs for grabbing a big customer base in the market.

Seeing this tremendous demand for cheaper EVs, Tesla is working on an entirely new affordable model, the Tesla Model 2. The name Model 2 is unofficial and people also call it Tesla Model Q sometimes.

So, let us talk about this upcoming Tesla Model 2 in this post. Also, please note that Tesla has not yet opened up on their new Model and we will share expected data in this post.

So, let’s begin

Tesla Model Q (Model 2) Price (MSRP)

As stated earlier, Tesla has sensed the biggest opportunity and wants to serve a bigger customer base that is still not served well.

Many EV makers in the market have launched cheaper EVs compared to Tesla’s top 4 Models. Tesla now with its upcoming Model 2 wants to bring down the price.

As per some sources, it is expected that Tesla will price their Model 2 as low as $25,000. If Tesla will able to cut down the prices to this extent, the Model 2 or Model Q will become the world’s cheapest electric car.

Tesla is known for innovation and high-end engineering, it is very much possible that the company will make all possible efforts to make their upcoming project possible.

Once the company will launch its $25k Tesla Model 2, it will give tight competition to other EV makers, and thereby decrease the price of EVs in the market, good for customers.

Please note that the price of the Tesla Model 2 is not yet confirmed officially and it is just an estimation and expectation that it will be priced at around $25,000

In case you want to know the existing top 5 cheapest electric cars in 2022, here is the list

  • Nissan Leaf (Price: $27k)
  • Mini Cooper SE Hardtop (Price: $29,900)
  • Chevrolet Bolt EV (Price: $31,500)
  • Mazda MX-30 (Price: $33,470 )
  • Chevrolet Bolt EUV (Price: $33,500)

You can clearly see that many big automakers have not yet touched the $25k mark but very much likely that sooner or later these brands too will cut down the prices.

So, Tesla may have to work further to bring down the prices without many adjustments in basic features.

One question for you…

What is the cheapest Tesla Model currently?

Tesla has 4 top-selling models under the hood, namely, the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. Out of these 4 top Models, the Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest Tesla Model.

Maybe this is the reason people think of the Tesla Model 2 as the lighter version of Model 3 and named it the Tesla Model 2

Tesla Model Q Launch Date

So, without making you confused let me come straight to the point on the launch date. As I have stated in the post that the Tesla Model 2 has not yet been officially announced and people are just writing any random launch dates.

Some sources state that Tesla Model 2 is expected to arrive by 2023 and some predict it to be in later years. But this is just an expected date and the company has not made any official announcement on the launch date.

On top of this, Elon Musk in his recent tweet mentioned that they are quite occupied with their other projects and not working on a “$25k car”.

But Musk has also hinted in the same comment that once the car becomes fully autonomous, the Model 2 will appear.

Tesla Model Q tax credit eligibility

The first question EV customers have is if their EVs are eligible for the tax credit. In case, you are eager to know about the eligibility of Tesla Model 2 for a tax credit, here is the answer for you

Also, Model 2 will be manufactured at Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, and made available in the US market. Also, it is likely that the Model 2 will be made outside North America.

An important point you should note is that Model 2 will be unable to qualify for the tax credit as per the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage.

The US government announced that by Jan 2023 they will not offer tax credits for EVs made outside North America

Tesla Model Q Features and Design

So, once we have gone through the expected price and launch date of the upcoming Tesla Model 2, let us try to figure out the expected features of the Tesla Model 2 or Model Q.

It is common sense that price comes to the features. So, if the price is reduced you should be expecting reductions in the features.

Tesla Model 2 will be the company’s cheapest Model and in an attempt to bring down the price, the company will cut down its features as well.

But we need not worry, the company will make all the effort to put down all the features that all other brands are offering in this price range.

Not only this, Tesla is known for its performance and add-ons. So, you should expect some add-on features compared to other features other EV makers are offering at this price.

Tesla is expected to follow their line-up and add features accordingly to the upcoming Tesla Model 2

Features of Tesla Model 2 or Model Q:

  • Model 2 like other Tesla Models may come in two trims long-range and performance version
  • It is also expected that the Model 2 may come with fully autonomous driving capabilities, which may take more time
  • Talking about acceleration, the Model 2 may hit 0-60 mph in around 5 seconds
  • Also, it is expected that Model 2 will have a range of 200 miles given the price
  • Model 2 may appear as a 5-door compact car like Tesla Moel Y
  • Model 2 may not have a pedal or steering wheel in an attempt to make a fully autonomous driving car

So, many of these features have not been announced officially but are likely to have these features mentioned above. Also, Tesla Model 2 may have a fully autonomous feature and this can become the biggest USP for Tesla in this budget.

Many other EV makers will have a hard time competing with Tesla when it comes to AI and full self-driving features.

If Tesla Model 2 will made a debut with all these basic and advanced features intact at this low price, the Model 2 can become the game changer for the whole EV market.

So, as of now, we all have to just wait and watch Price and feature wars.


As a takeaway from this post, you can expect Tesla Model 2 to be launched in 2023 (unofficial). It is highly possible Tesla Model 2 may appear in 2024 or 2025 given the latest tweet from Musk.

The tweet hinted that Model 2 will not be launching in the near future and customers may have to wait a little longer.

Another evidence of Tesla waiting for fully autonomous features to arrive may also delay the Model 2 launch date

When talking about the Model 2 price. it is highly possible that it will be priced around $25k with reduced features and performance compared to their other high-end Tesla Models.

An EV anywhere around $25,000 in the current market may make Tesla Model 2 the world’s cheapest EV.

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