Top 20 amazing gifts for Tesla owners

Gifting someone is always a stressful task but when it comes to gifting a Tesla Owner or Tesla Lover, it is not that tough. You can buy them a gift which can make them even more cheerful.

These accessories can add more charm to your Tesla.

There are various items that you can gift your special person, your friend, colleague, or your spouse. They will love it because you ¯can never go, wrong gifting them something related to their loved Tesla.

Here is a list of items that you can gift. The list has an assorted budget according to your fit. You can choose amongst them and can gift the present.

Various occasions call for celebrations and what can be better than a gift related to their own Tesla? Whatever you choose to gift them will bring them to love for their Tesla even more for its style and comfort.

Top 20 amazing gifts for Tesla owners (Model 3)

1. Charging Cable Organizer 

Well, who doesn’t like their charging wires detangled and safe from trip risks? Every one of us does and for that, a Charging cable organizer can be a perfect gift.

It can protect your charging wire from all the dust and moisture. Also, this will help you in keeping your garage area clean and organized.

2. Roofnest tent 

If climbing up to the top of the hills or going on the jungle safari ride on your Tesla sounds interesting then Roof nest tents can help you in organizing a setup very quickly and easily.

Roof nest camp offers various advantages over the traditional camp and keeps you safe from bugs and bees. Also, this makes your travel easier.

3. Tesla Puddle Lights 

To highlight the charm of your Tesla, a multilayer glass lens combination Puddle Light can be a great choice. These Puddle lights reflect the Tesla Logo on the surface when parked which can give a great feel and can add to your dignity impression.

4. CCS Charging Adapter

The Combined Charging System (CCS) has become the typical way of charging over the last few years. With the connector support charging speed of 350 kW, these adaptors are away more appealing for Tesla lovers.

5. Tesla personalized metal parking sign 

If being taken over by the parking space at your work or home is an issue then this accessory has got you covered.

A custom parking plate that can mark the territory of the person is a must-have. This provides high-definition work in two sizes and you can choose it accordingly.

6. LED Keychain

To gift something simple yet significant can be easy with this LED keychain. This key chain is made up of glass and it changes its colors.

Also, it has Tesla embedded in it with a unique style that adds a sheer look. This can be a modest present with its charm intact.

7. Tesla stainless steel bottle

A person with an active lifestyle would love to have a Tesla bottle as a present as it is not only sleek but elegant as well.

The name print on the top keeps up the vibe of the real Tesla. This bottle can be of great utility as its name suggests Stainless Steel, it can control the temperature of the drink accordingly.

8. Tesla air pods charge holder

Not every gift needs to burn a hole in your pocket. So a very simple yet useful product that you can gift to a Tesla Owner is an Air pod charger holder.

This small yet cool gift can enhance your Air pods look and can give it a new horizon complementing your favorite Tesla. 

9. Micro USB for Tesla Cam

A micro USB plays an important role in storing data of Tesla Cam but the problem is that not every Tesla Owner knows about this.

To save the data and process it, it is important to have a Micro USB. It can work both on Mac and PC.

10. Glass Roof sunshade 

Everyone loves glass roofs but it becomes really difficult to tackle the scorching heat when the sun’s rays fall directly and the heat is just above the head.

So Glass roofs sunshade can be a great gift as they can cover the roofs up in high temperatures which will eventually help the passengers of the car less stressed about the heat.

11. Tesla Coffee Mug

Coffee Mugs can be a great gift choice as they can be used very often and can remind the person about their Tesla whenever they enjoy their drink in this mug.

The mug is also made up exactly like Tesla and gives a great feel to the drinker.

12. High-quality cables for extension

You can never trust your charging while driving an EV. It is not always that you will have a charging spot close to you.

What if you need to reach the spot but the charging spot is too far? To help it cover a very simple yet very useful accessory can be these cables which allow extensions to the charging board and can help in charging the Tesla.

13. Motor cup holder

Cup insert holders are very basic but play a significant role in fixing cups in your Tesla. To avoid spilling the coffee or your drinks you must use the holder.

This comes with two cup stands for the convenience of both the passengers riding their Tesla.

14. Cyber Trash mini trash bin

This Cyber trash bin fits in all Tesla and is of great use. It fits inside the door space or cup holder space.  It is easy to operate and trickle trash.

This will seize all the trash from your car. Its sleek design makes it even more stylish which fits the Tesla style.

15. Tesla baseball cap

Who doesn’t love the idea of playing games in the heat with their favorite Tesla cap on the head that not only makes you stand out but also is very classy?

For a safer option, a baseball cap always works. If you are struggling to choose a gift then this Tesla Baseball cap can be a great fit and can go a long way.

16. Accelerator Peddle

To add a little bit of style to your Tesla, you can change the pedal and can replace the basic peddles. This upgrade the performance, the accelerator and brake pedals that are made up of aluminum and rubber are a great gift and can add to your comfort and fashion.

17. Tesla Tequila Bottle

If you have some extra dollars to shed for your gift then you can go ahead with this Tesla Tequila limited edition bottle which was launched by Tesla but unluckily got sold out on its launch day.

You can still find it online but it is a little overpriced for its worth. Apart from the price, it can be a great gift choice to add a bottle of Tequila to their local home bar. 

18. Tesla phone holder- Rotatable

Unlike a normal phone holder, this tesla phone holder is of greater use. It comes up with a rotatable mount design and Tesla phone charger support which keeps the phone intact.

Its design is cool and elegant which does not affect the vision of the driver when it is in use.

19. Auto steering wheel desk car table

If your friend is always late and often skips meals then this Auto steering table can be a great gift for them.

While running late for work or some commitments this table ensures that you can have your meal in the car itself without any the hassle of thinking about where to place your food.

This tray can be kept in the rear seat pocket when not in use and is found of greater utility.

20. Tesla cleaning towel

For everyone who owns a car, a cleaning towel is a sure-shot thing and is used by everyone. This can be a wonderful product to gift because its utility is always present.

To keep clean their favorite car is a must and it can be done using these cleaning towels that have Tesla’s name and its logo on them.

These accessories are easy-to-gift options available to you and can gift your loved ones who own a Tesla or is a fan of it.

These products will make your gift stand out from others. Furthermore, your likeability towards these products will make your Tesla even more amicable.

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